Renting a Car in Dubai


Things to Remember When Renting a Car in Dubai

Driving in Dubai can be a problematic experience if you are not used to heavy traffic or busy roads. While the expenses to buy a car can be huge, there are many people who opt to rent a car in Dubai when traveling or visiting the city. Besides regular residents, tourists choose to rent a car or rent a limousine in Dubai to explore all the popular attractions in style. Transport & Bus Rental Dubai is one of the best car rental services in the UAE that cater to all client requirements and offer tailored solutions.

Things to Consider when you Rent a Car in Dubai

Here are some of the important things you need to remember when renting a car in Dubai:

  • Rental Company

The reputation of the rental company is a critical condition when choosing to rent a car in Dubai. When choosing the rental company, read through the reviews to have a total understanding of the company and its practices. You should also check all the rules, regulations, and policies to rent a limousine in Dubai as it is important to not break any rules when in a rental car.

  • Driving Licence

If you are a resident of the UAE, you need to have a valid UAE driver’s license to rent a car. For non-resident Visa holders and tourists, you will need an international driving license. European or GCC driving license holders are also allowed to rent a car in Dubai with a valid visit visa.

  • Driving Outside UAE

It is strictly prohibited for you to use a rental vehicle outside the UAE. if you are planning a road trip to places outside the UAE, you will need a car owned by a resident of Dubai.

  • Age Limit

The age limit for driving in Dubai is 18 years, while the legal age for you to rent a limousine in Dubai is 21 years old. Besides that, some special vehicles have an age limit of 25 years for you to rent in the UAE.

  • Vehicle Inspection

When renting a vehicle in UAE, you need to inspect the entire vehicle before accepting it. You should check for tire pressure, the fuel gauge, radiator fuels and report any defects to the owner. Similarly, the renter should completely be sure of all the accessories like the GPS, child safety seats, etc before renting the car to a client.

  • Insurance

Rental car lease applicants are required to provide insurance documents for the vehicle leasing period. As a customer, you should inquire about all the deductible requirements and coverage of the policy before you rent a car in Dubai.


Wrapping Up!

New residents and tourists always look to rent a car in Dubai as it eases moving around the city. CLT Transport & Bus Rental Dubai offers you a fleet of cars, buses, and limousines for rental allowing you easy transportation during your stay in the UAE.