Health & Safety

The entire world is currently going through a tough time due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Classic Luxury Transport is well aware of the emergency situation prevailing worldwide and is doing the needful to take the best possible precautions. We are following all the COVID-19 rules and advisory generated by the government of the UAE.

Classic Luxury Transport is highly concerned about the wellbeing and safety of our clients and employees. Therefore, we are taking all types of preventive measures that will keep our associates safe from the disease. Our company is seriously following the rules and regulations to ensure the lives of none of the people working with us are in danger.

Most of our counters at various locations of the nation are open now following the guidelines issued by the government. However, two of our prime locations, namely, CLT Dubai Terminal 1 and CLT Sharjah Airport, still remain closed. We shall open these two counters once we get the final nod from the concerned airport authorities.

Our team monitors the counters round the clock to ensure all the safety protocols are thoroughly followed. CLT has appointed Municipality-approved sanitizing companies for sanitizing the outlets and main vehicle depots. Our staff members look into the sanitizing of each vehicle. They clean, check the safety standards and sanitize the vehicles thoroughly before delivering them to the clients.

We sanitize all vehicles every time they are rented out. If a vehicle is rented twice a day, we sanitize it each time before offering it to the client. Therefore, customers can pre-book their vehicles with us and be assured of their health and safety. Classic Luxury Transport Car Rental will never risk the lives of clients and employees.